Ever wanted to turn your shower into your very own aromatherapy spa? You can do just that with our shower steamers! We especially recommend you put your Shower Steamer where some water from your hot shower will hit it. Then, BLAMMO! All the fragrances you could want, right in your own bathroom. 


Shower Steamers cannot be used as bath bombs! Because Shower Steamers are not intended to touch skin, we put a little extra scent in there, and that much essential oil may irritate your skin. We care a lot what happens to your skin, so please don't misuse our Shower Steamers.



Permanent Collection


Cheer, Dear combines jasmine with a dash of tea tree oil. It's all about those little moments of happy.

Cheery Blossoms is the sweet scent of cherry blossoms and white tea.

Earthy Delights unites the fragrances of royal orchid, night air, rain, and amber for a heavenly, spicy, earthy scent.

Stop & Smell the Petals is a cheerful, rosy scent with a touch of vanilla.

Leaf Me Be is a floral scent that combines magnolia with a bit of eucalyptus.



1999 is a nostalgic scent that combines cucumber with melon.

Beachy Queen is a warm fragrance with Tahitian vanilla & pineapple.

Bright Orange & Bushy-Tailed combines sweet orange with almond to provide an invigorating scent.

Dark Queen combines arboreal fragrances and citrus with a hint of campfire to recreate all the best parts of autumn air.

Grapefruit Expectations is an invigorating fragrance with grapefruit and a hint of almond.

Feeling Spritely is a clean, bright scent that combines lemon and lime.

SPACE BAR is an out-of-this-world fragrance that combines bay rum with raspberry.


Soothers, Earthy Fragrances, & Strong Scents

Breathe Deep has eucalyptus, mint, and tea tree oil. It's meant to open up your sinuses a little.

DON'T PANIC has lavender and vanilla, the perfect combo to soother your worried self.

Lounge Wizard is a warm scent that combines bay rum, Kentucky bourbon, and cherry tobacco.

Out of the Weeds is an earthy scent that combines patchouli with lavender.

Serenity Now, Dammit puts soothing sandalwood with calming chamomile.

That Good Man Smell is a combination of redwood, saffron, bay rum, Kentucky bourbon, and leather.



Circe’s Isle combines an ocean breeze scent with the sea salt on the air and the smell of fresh paper and just a touch of Tahitian Vanilla blowing in from across the world. It’s a beach reader’s dream soap, and one Circe herself would surely appreciate.

Forbidden Library combines the scent of leather arm chairs, fresh coffee, and dusty shelves with the scent of pine study tables and the alluring smell of night air.

The Professor’s Study brings the scent of fireplace embers, paper, and the sweet smell of cherry pipe tobacco. For surely there are always fires burning in the professor’s private study.

Rainy Day in the Reading Nook brings the smell of rain to the smell of paper and of dusty library shelves for a scent like no other.

Tea & a Good Book smells of a warm cup of spiced chai, a hint of citrus, the scent of amber, and the paper of the book you’re reading.

XL Shower Steamer (Any Fragrance)

  • Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, essential oils, mica, witch hazel