In this gift set, you'll get all five of the literary soaps in our late winter collection.


Circe’s Isle combines an ocean breeze scent with the sea salt on the air and the smell of fresh paper and just a touch of Tahitian Vanilla blowing in from across the world. It’s a beach reader’s dream soap, and one Circe herself would surely appreciate. Circe's Isle is a gorgeous, skin-loving glycerin seafoam green soap in the shape of waves.


Forbidden Library combines the scent of leather arm chairs, fresh coffee, and dusty shelves with the scent of pine study tables and the alluring smell of night air. Forbidden Library is a hemp soap with gorgeous pewter mica and iridescent silver rainbow glitter.


The Professor’s Study brings the scent of fireplace embers, paper, and the sweet smell of cherry pipe tobacco. For surely there are always fires burning in the professor’s private study. The Professor's Study is a glycerin soap with poppy seeds for exfoliation and a brilliant, fire-colored appearance. 


Rainy Day in the Reading Nook brings the smell of rain to the smell of paper and of dusty library shelves for a scent like no other. These little cloud-shaped soaps are packed with nourishing shea butter and just a bit of blue glitter to pretty up that rainy cloud. 


Tea & a Good Book smells of a warm cup of spiced chai, a hint of citrus, the scent of amber, and the paper of the book you’re reading. Tea & a Good Book is a nourishing goat milk soap with blackberry seeds for exfoliation. 

Lit Soaps for Book Folks