Welcome to Moonflower Cottage, our nature-inspired resin collection! 


Our oval soap dish fits oval Heart Knock Life soaps like it was made to hold them—because it was!


We’ve mixed up some GORGEOUS nature-inspired resin pieces. You can choose from any of our six pearlescent pigments for your custom soap dish:

MOSS is a deep olive green with swirls of lighter near-golds. It's the one in the product image.

DRAGONFLY is a perfect indigo, a blue-purple with an incredible shimmer.

MAPLE LEAF is a bright copper, reds and golds swirling about.

CREEK might be what some folks call seafoam, but we’ve seen this color on creeks around these parts.

MOONFLOWER is a brilliant white with a bit of iridescent shimmer.

SMOKE is a shimmering, ghostly charcoal that looks like...you guessed it—smoke!



Your tray and one of your box lids need a knob! Pick one! We have:

  • a black and bronze pumpkin
  • a red and bronze pumpkin
  • a silver crystal knob
  • a bronze knob (shown on the set above)


Processing Time:

All Moonflower Cottage resin pieces are made-to-order so that we can continue to offer a wide variety of items. This means we’ll need a little time with your order. We aim for a processing time between 5-7 business days, though we usually ship much faster than that.



Your item won't look like the pictures, because every item we make is unique. This one, in particular, is one you'll absolutely adore...because it'll be your perfect faerie land glimmering pool of objects, made to your specifications. 

Moonflower Cottage Resin Soap Dish—Oval

  • We aim for a processing time between 5-7 business days, though we usually ship much faster than that.

  • The good news is:

    Your soap dish won’t be exactly like anyone else’s because each piece we make is unique to your specifications

    The best news is:

    You won’t know exactly what your soap dish will look like until it arrives, so you'll get to have that most essential and rare of feelings: the initial surprise and awe at having seen a shiny thing you love. Besides, we promise you’ll like it, or we’ll replace it.