Hamfast County Hymnal is a love letter to the Ozarks. This collection of loosely-linked short stories offers a close look at a vibrant fictional county in Arkansas that grounds itself in rich, detailed characters and their intertwining tales of travail, grief, heartbreak, and longing. From all that trouble and suffering, from illnesses of mind, body, and spirit, rises a stunning snapshot of a place brimming with life and potential, peopled by folks who deserve the hope and resilience they find in their own stories and in each other’s. In this book you’ll find a wife who feeds her husband to pigs and a grandmother who shoots an abuser. These vivid tableaus will invite you to explore loss, grief, and those tendrils of budding hope through fictional characters who will stay with you long after you turn the last page. 

Hamfast County Hymnal Paperback

  • Jessica B. Weisenfels grew up in the Arkansas Ozarks, mostly in rent houses. She now lives on a solid acre where she runs a soap business and grows many, many herbs. She has two extraordinary & brilliant children, for whom she would gladly fight a buzz saw, and a wonderful husband, who occasionally buys her swords and with whom she is in that good love. She has noticed with glee her transformation into exactly the kind of woman who always wants you to sit a spell and have something to eat. You can find some of her poems and stories in magazines, and she’s very proud about that.