Who needs to name a cold, distant star for your loved one when you can have a batch of custom soap made in their honor instead?


You'll find two custom fields here where you can name your scents and add a color if you want. You can also name your soap! In that text box, feel free to add a little info about who we're making this soap for; we have a writer and designer on staff to help craft the perfect packaging to really wow your beloved. 



If you would like a shape that is not a plain oval or rectangle or heart, feel free to peruse or inventory of soaps and let us know if you see a shape or pattern you like. If you want tombstone-shaped soap, for example, type GRAVE NEW WORLD into the field. If you like the patterns on DON'T PANIC, type that into the field. You can find a complete list of soaps by clicking this link.



Please enter your color selection in the fragrance field. We have on hand: black, brown, orange, bright orange, yellow, blue, green, lime green, red, and purple.



We're not saying we have *every* fragrance, and we do hope to have a running list available for your perusal up soon, but we certainly have A LOT of fragrances on hand. Picking something really off-beat, like a dirt fragrance for example, will just add a few more days to your processing time. We'll be in contact if that happens.




Custom Batch of Shea Butter or Goat Milk Soap

  • Please give use between 3 and 5 business days to fill your order and ship it to you. We are often able to fill orders much, much faster than that, but we appreciate your understanding during times when we are experiencing a high volume of orders.