Is your friend going through a major life disruption? Has he had a bad breakup? Has she left a job involuntarily? Heart Knock Life has you covered. Every Bad Breakup Basket comes with a note letting your pal (or even yourself) remember that everything is going to be alright, eventually.


In this basket, you or your loved one will receive:

3 full sized bars of soap: Leaf Me Be, 1999, and Stop & Smell the Petal Bar

1 Pretty Pearlescent Bath Bomb in Serenity Now, Dammit

1 8 ounce soy candle in a tin

The basket containing all of these goodies.


The text on the note says:


Leaf Me Be for exfoliating that [FIELD 1: man, woman, person, or job] off of your skin.

1999 for remembering better times.

A Serenity Now, Dammit bath bomb for serenity, now, dammit.

Stop & Smell the Petal Bar for feeling as pretty as you are.

A DON’T PANIC candle for burning [FIELD 2: him/her/them/their lizard skin] in effigy.


Love you, 

[Your Name]


If you'd like to customize what the note says, let us know in the field below. 

Bad Breakup Basket

  • To find the ingredients in the soaps, start here

    Pretty Pearlescent Bath Bomb ingredients can be found on this page. 

    The candle ingredients are located here. 

  • Please give use between 3 and 5 business days to fill your order and ship it to you. We are often able to fill orders much, much faster than that, but we appreciate your understanding during times when we are experiencing a high volume of orders.