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Unrooted Cuttings

Our Growing Spaces

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In the year of pestilence and so many unprecedented events, 2020, we took the opportunity of being at home and uncertain to invest in turning our one acre property into a fruit, flower, vegetable, and herb farm. The herb part was especially important to us.

This has been an intense and life-changing endeavor that we want to share with you by bringing living things and fresh flavor to market. We'll be doing that in the form of dried and fresh herbs, specialty herb blends that we use here in our own kitchen, dried and fresh bouquets, rooted cuttings from our lovely mother specimens, seasonal hanging baskets, seasonal produce, houseplants, many, many soap ingredients, and more. We're a small, family run nursery and small-batch bath and body business located here in the Ozarks, but we are also a farm stand and we're almost ready to share our hard work with you.

Just wait, friends, until you smell, taste, touch, and admire what we've grown for you.  


MEet Our Mothers &  Main HerB Producers

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