Frequently asked questions

How do I find your products in a store?

You don't. We are not located in stores. You can totally find us on Etsy though!

Can you make a custom soap scent for me?

Depending on how busy we are, yes! Your best bet would be to email info[at]heartknocklifestudio.com and see what's up. It might take a week, and you'll be required to buy a whole batch, but you'd have your own soap at the end of the process. How cool is that?

What's the deal with local pickup?

We don't want to charge shipping costs if we don't have to. We can promise a weekly pickup opportunity for sales from this website. You'll have to travel to Van Buren, Arkansas, so keep that in mind. If you're not available during the scheduled pickup time, we'll work something out.

What is an "artisan bath product," anyway?

We hand make every product right in our home, in our sparkling clean kitchen. We're not a big operation, we make soap batches as health allows. Each Heart Knock Life scent has been through several drafts until we got just the notes we wanted, and those rough drafts and revisions had many hours of study before and between them. Our soaps are one-of-a-kind, our scents are unique, and we have been meticulous in the creation and curation of every single product. That's what it means to be artisan--the meticulous and thorough study and practice of a craft. That's what we do here. We do meticulous, thorough study and practice.