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Bubbles, Baubles, & Blooms

We are a small, family-run business specializing in artisan bath and home products located in the Ozarks of Arkansas, where we grow things, make things, and often grow the things we put in the things we make.  We're about doing things well, taking care of our customers, taking care of the planet . . . actually, that's exactly right: we're about taking care.


What else are we about? We'd like to offer you our finest welcome in way of explanation :

Welcome to our modern-day apothecary shop.

Welcome to our nostalgia/scent memory factory.

Welcome  to your own infinite spa days with the best lotion you've ever used,

Welcome to products you watched spring up from the earth.

Welcome to  lavender and chamomile soaps that you can unwind with.

Welcome to still feeling the sun on the blossoms from the soap in your shower.

Welcome to green packaging and low waste practices.

Welcome to our pursuit of excellence.

Welcome to Heart Knock Life.



We now offer your favorite Heart Knock Life fragrances in lotion and dry oil. 

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Please message us on Facebook or Instagram for more information on custom orders. You can also hit us up via email